Thin Film Coating Technology

30+ Years of Thin Film Coating Expertise

DiCon has a long history of developing thin film coating technology, starting with making our own AR (anti-reflection) coating on fiber optic collimators over 30 years ago. As the optical communication industry rapidly expanded in the 90’s, DiCon invested heavily in advanced thin film coating equipment, pioneering in coating fabrication with ion-beam sputtering chambers for extremely difficult narrow-band DWDM filters, as well as developing an intelligent and proprietary optical monitoring system for hard-to-achieve spectrums.

DiCon 30+ Years of Thin Film Coating Expertise

World Class Coating Facility in California

DiCon has become a perennial world leader in thin film optical coating technology through continuous investment of our U.S. based fabrication facility and refining our manufacturing processes. Our San Francisco Bay Area headquarters is the center of coating technology development and has numerous Ion-Beam Sputtering and E-beam Chambers. We control the full range thin film coating processes from coating fabrication and wafer inspection, all the way through annealing and dicing.

Below is a list of spectrums we produce frequently:

  • Wide & Narrow Bandpass

  • Longpass & Shortpass

  • Multi-band Wavelength Division

  • High Reflectivity & Beam Splitter

  • Gain Flattening

DiCon World Class Coating Facility in California

Expert in Component Design

With experience accumulated since the company founding in 1986, DiCon’s engineers work directly with customers to package components to meet specific project needs. We make high performance thin film filters that are low loss, temperature stable, robust, and durable. We can also make products that can meet different Telecommunication, Military, or Aerospace qualification standards.

DiCon Expert in Component Design

Custom Solution

DiCon is a U.S. based vertically integrated company. Our capabilities are well recognized through the number of contracts and programs we are awarded. Besides thin film filters, we also custom make a list of other fiber optic components, like switches, tunable filters, and attenuators. We have a full engineering team that can design and assemble complex systems together from ground up, including development of hardware, firmware, and user interface software. Our seasoned project engineers and program managers will work with our customers throughout the whole process.

DiCon Custom Solution