DiCon was founded in 1986 as a California based fiber optic switch manufacturer. The company is recognized as a top-tier component supplier in the optical networking industry.

DiCon also has a long history of serving the US defense industry. One of DiCon’s first products, the FDDI switch, was deployed on many naval ships for more than 30 years.

DiCon was founded in 1986


  • 1986

    Founded in the San Francisco Bay Area, started with opto-mechanical switches
  • 1992

    Released multi-channel "radial" opto-mechanical switches
  • 1995

    Started optical coating technology development
  • 1997

    Released WDM and GFF components
  • 1998

    Released rackmount switching systems
  • 1998

    Started MEMS technology development
  • 2000

    Established Taiwan (Kaoshiung) manufacturing site
  • 2001

    Moved into the new 200,000 sq. ft. California headquarters
  • 2001

    Released MEMS VOA component
  • 2003

    Released MEMS 1xN switch component
  • 2003

    Started LED technology development
  • 2007

    Released MEMS tunable filter component
  • 2010

    Established Kessil lighting brand
  • 2013

    Established Fiilex lighting brand
  • 2014

    Released MEMS 16x16 switch component
  • 2015

    Established Cielux lighting brand
  • 2018

    Started photonic IC technology development
  • 2020

    Acquired Glimmerglass Asset
  • 2022

    Released 96x96 Optical Switching System (OSS) product
  • 2023

    Released 192x192 Optical Switching System (OSS) product


DiCon California Corporate Headquarters

DiCon Taiwan Facility

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