Optical Switches

DiCon Fiberoptics, Inc., a recognized leader in designing and manufacturing optical components, offers a robust lineup of fiber optic switches for use in numerous applications.

Optical Switch Applications

  • Optical Signal Switching and Routing

  • Optical Network Protection and Restoration

  • Optical Network Monitoring

  • Video Distribution

  • Instrumentation Resource Sharing

  • Military Communications

To meet the optical switching needs of the different applications across multiple markets, DiCon develops and carries optical switches in three separate technology platforms and a broad range of configurations.

MEMS Optical Switch

This latest technology platform presents the best value in terms of size, form factor, durability, and cost. The design of our MEMS optical switch centers on DiCon's proprietary dual-axes tilting MEMS mirror and is expandable up to a 1x36 switch configuration. Large fan-out 1xN optical switches and non-blocking fan-out/fan-in NxM matrix optical switches are built by cascading multiple of these 1xN switches. The MEMS 1xN fiber optic switch passes the stringent Telcordia GR-1221 qualification and is vastly deployed in today’s optical communication networks. With a lifetime of over a billion cycles, the durability of this MEMS device makes it a perfect choice for optical network monitoring applications that require frequent switching.

Prism Optical Switch

DiCon's prism optical switch achieve channel switching by mechanically actuating a prism in to or out of the optical path. Higher channel count is accomplished by cascading multiple prisms in a series. The prism fiber optic switch is an ideal option for network protection applications where latching is necessary.

Prism Optical Switch

Stepper Motor Optical Switch

Our motorized optical switch uses a high accuracy stepper motor to rotate the input fiber precisely to the aligned output fiber positions. The extra mechanical strength of the stepper motor fiber optic switch allows it to switch many types of rigid large core fibers, which are often used in the biomedical and life sciences industries.

Stepper Motor Optical Switch

Optical Switch Technology Comparison Matrix

Platform MEMS Prism Stepper Motor
Life Time > 1 Billion Cycles > 10 Million Cycles > 10 Million Cycles
Max 1xN config. 1x12 (Single Stage)
1x128 (Double Stage)
1x8 1x50 (Standard)
1x120 (Custom)
Max IL 0.7 dB (1x2)
0.8 dB (1x8)
1.0 dB (1x2)
2.5 dB (1x8)
1.2 dB
Cross Talk > 50 dB > 80 dB > 80 dB
Switching Time 10 ms (1x2)
30 ms (1x8)
12 ms (1x2)
75 ms (1x8)
300 ms
+ 17ms/channel
Qualification GR-1221 GR-1073  
Latching Option No Yes No
Single Mode Fiber Yes Yes Yes
Multi Mode Fiber Yes Yes
1060 nm Fiber Yes Yes Yes
PM Fiber Yes Yes Yes
Specialty Fiber Ideal for small core fiber   Ideal for large core fiber
2xN Availability Yes No Yes
Matrix Availability Yes No Customized