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PM MEMS Attenuator

DiCon’s PM MEMS Attenuator is based on a micro-electro- mechanical system (MEMS) chip. The MEMS chip consists of an electrically movable mirror on a silicon support. A voltage applied to the MEMS chip causes the mirror to rotate, which changes the coupling of light between the input and output fibers of the MEMS Attenuator.


  • Small attenuator package
  • High extinction ratio
  • Qualified to GR-1221
  • Available in opaque or transparent versions
  • Available in both cylindrical and 14-pin DIP packages


MEMS Attenuators are used for distributed power equalization within OADMs, MUX/DMUXes, Band Equalizers, Channel Equalizers, Optical Cross-Connects, Line Cards and Transponders. Polarization Maintaining Attenuators can also be used for power adjustment in polarization sensitive devices such as modulators.

Electrical Specifications

Housing Dimensions

Cylindrical Package14-pin DIP Package

Optical Specifications 1, 2

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Optical Performance

SCD 0121 Rev C