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Motorized Tunable Bandpass Filter

DiCon’s Motorized Tunable Bandpass Filter is a TTL-driven component that tunes the center wavelength of a narrow passband filter over a 30-nm range within the 1550-nm window. Wavelength selection is made by adjusting the filter angle using a high precision motor with either the I2C standard interface or a proprietary Step-Up/Step-Down interface.

Optical Performance:

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  • Narrow bandwidth
  • Excellent tuning resolution
  • Broad tuning range
  • Very low insertion loss
  • Direct motor control or absolute wavelength setting


Motorized tunable bandpass filters are used to dynamically select among different wavelength channels at the receiver side of dense WDM transmission systems. Other applications include tuning the center wavelength of incoherent broadband sources (such as white light source or LEDs) in laboratory test and measurement systems.

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