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MEMS Add/Drop 2x2 Optical Switch

DiCon’s MEMS 2x2 is based on a micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) chip. The MEMS chip consists of an electrically moveable mirror on a silicon support. A voltage applied to the MEMS chip causes the mirror to rotate, which changes the coupling of light between two input fibers and two output fibers.


  • Small optical switch package
  • Based on DiCon’s proven MEMS platform
  • TTL parallel or SMBus/I2C serial control interface
  • Qualified to Telecordia GR-1221


MEMS Add/Drop 2x2 Optical Switches are two position devices that are commonly used in Optical Add/Drop Multiplexers. In the Bypass state, the Input and Output ports are connected to each other. In the Inserted state, the Input and Drop ports are connected to each other, while at the same time the Add and Output ports are connected to each other.

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SCD 0061 Rev D