Throughout its 20-year history, DiCon Fiberoptics has invested heavily in internal R&D, focused on the development of the core technologies that drive the company's varied product line.

DiCon's earliest products were based on Micro-Optics Technology, which enabled such products as Prism Switches, our VX-Switch line of stepper motorbased, moving collimator switches, and fused-fiber FBT Couplers and Splitters.

In the early 90's, DiCon invested significantly in the development of Thin-Film Coatings technology, initially aimed at WDM Filters for communications network applications. DiCon's capabilities in thin-film coatings have since broadened to include specialty optical coatings for a variety of applications in communications, defense and avionics, biomedical systems, etc., over a broad range of wavelengths.


In the late 90's, DiCon made a similar major investment in developing our core MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) Technology, including the establishing of our in-house MEMS fab and clean room. The MEMS wafers and chips produced at this facility provide the backbone of our ever-expanding line of MEMS-based products, including VOAs, MEMS Switches, and MEMS-based integrated solutions such as MxN MEMS Switch Matrices and Dynamic Power Equalizer (DPE) Modules.


DiCon continues to take a long-term view on investing in the development of new core technologies. Our approach is to perfect the technology first, to fully understand our capabilities, and then to apply the new technology to product applications that meet our customers' needs.