Optical Communications

DiCon Fiberoptics is a leading Tier 1 provider of OEM parts to the world's leading telecom equipment vendors, providing both components & custom modules more

Test & Measurement

DiCon Fiberoptics, an innovative leader in today's test and measurement market, designs and manufactures quality fiberoptic management equipment based on MEMS technology that switches, attenuates and filters optical signals more

Military / Defense

DiCon is uniquely poised among fiberoptics suppliers to meet the challenges of military and defense applications more


DiCon's MEMS component technologies have many applications in the scientific, biological and medical markets including biological imaging and sensing equipment more

Fiberoptic Sensing

As the fiberoptic monitoring and sensing market grows and expands across the globe DiCon Fiberoptics' innovative micro-electromechanical (MEMS) optical products are widely adopted in various fiber sensing and monitoring applications to provide durable, reliable and long-lasting performance more