Test and Measurement



DiCon Fiberoptics, an innovative leader in today’s test and measurement market, designs and manufactures quality fiberoptic management equipment based on MEMS technology that switches, attenuates and filters optical signals. Our integrated solutions help simulate network environments providing customers an efficient automated test system with a highly repeatable and reliable test results.

The new GP750 general purpose test and measurement platform is the successor to the original GP700 which is currently deployed worldwide in automated fiberoptic test setups. With the GP750, customers can manage the optical power throughout their testbeds directing and measuring the optical signal by choosing from a broad range of MEMS-based components that include variable optical attenuators, optical switches (up to 1x128 or 16x16 matrix), tunable optical filters, dynamic power equalizers, and optical channel power monitors. By using MEMS-based technology as the optical engine within each component, DiCon is able to offer the advantages of reduced size and increased reliability while lowering capital expenditures.

The GP750 modules allow plug and play operation, are hot-swappable, and provide the flexibility of operating multiple modules within a single mainframe. Each mainframe can be controlled manually or through multiple remote control protocols that include RS232, GPIB, or Ethernet. There are also various chassis options available ranging from 2U half to 12U for a standard 19-inch rack-mount. Customized solutions including mechanical and prism-based switch modules are also available upon special request.

With its applications support team, DiCon optimizes design and provides unlimited configurations enabling its customers to find the right test and measurement solutions required to meet their needs.

Test and Measurement