Fiberoptic Sensing



As the fiberoptic monitoring and sensing market grows and expands across the globe DiCon Fiberoptics’ innovative micro-electromechanical (MEMS) optical products are widely adopted in various fiber sensing and monitoring applications to provide durable, reliable and long-lasting performance. DiCon’s MEMS 1xN Switch and Tunable Optical Filter products add more monitoring points to the average system to efficiently expand the monitoring area. Applications include monitoring telecommunications-based fiber networks or using fibers as temperature and/or strain sensors in applications such as Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS), Distributed Temperature & Strain Sensing (DTSS), Fiber Bragg (FBG)-based sensing and absorption-based chemical sensing.

Monitoring fiber health of telecom networks is gaining importance as data, voice and video services are increasingly offered to customers via fiber networks. This increase of services requires fast network diagnosis and an improved mean time between failures to guarantee a high level of Quality of Service. DiCon’s MEMS optical switches, available with port count available up to 1x128, can increase the numbers of fiber lines monitored, thus decreasing the time to locate potential or actual failures and improving Quality of Service.

DiCon’s approach to optical switching technology allows for shorter wavelengths than typical telecom wavelengths, single-mode and multi-mode fiber types, and high power rated components. The added capabilities of the MEMS optical platform combined with MEMS durability and reliability give fiber sensing equipment makers an added level of confidence to high accuracy measurements needed to discern a slight change in temperature or strain for fiber-sensing applications.