Military / Defense Markets



DiCon is uniquely poised among fiberoptics suppliers to meet the challenges of military and defense applications. Over the course of its 20-year history, DiCon has participated in such defense programs as Multi-mission Maritime Aircraft (MMA), Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) and Advanced Hawkeye, as well as numerous shipboard systems. Because DiCon controls key core technologies in its U.S. design and manufacturing facility, it can match the most appropriate technology to application.

DiCon’s line of MEMS-based products are particularly well suited for military and defense applications. They are lightweight, compact, durable, extremely reliable and have very low power consumption. All MEMS fabrication is accomplished in-house to allow for production of customized products based on any military standard. Our MEMS optical switch modules can be easily configured as switch arrays, using break-before-make switching schemes for secure networking applications. In addition our MEMS tunable optical filters and optical channel performance monitors can be used for real-time network monitoring. Finally, our single channel MEMS ROADM can be used to add reconfigurability to small-scale secure networks. Our GP700 and GP750 offer versatile test and measurement platforms that currently facilitate everything from the military’s jet fighter assembly line to its submarine operations.

DiCon’s strict adherence to QMS (Quality Management System) principles allows us to repeatedly turn designs into highly reliable products. The company currently maintains both AS9100 and ISO9001 certifications.

The company also provides life-time program support to its military customer. This “non-obsolescence” policy ensures products for the life of a military program. DiCon still supports the very first FDDI optical switch built and shipped in 1986.

Finally, our dedicated specialty products team can assist even the most novice customer in turning their requirements into a fully qualified, “meet spec” product that can withstand austere conditions and harsh environments.