DiCon Optical Switches and Variable Optical Attenuators (VOA) allow the user to design optical systems using fiber-based optics rather than traditional free-space optics for optical coherence tomography (OCT) and biological imaging and sensing equipment. Due to our optical expertise, DiCon can uniquely provide solutions for single-mode fiber systems in visible light ranges with fiber cores 6 µm and smaller for applications that require improved 3D scanning and imaging resolution. Optical Switches help reduce the overall capital expense and improve sample throughput by allowing design of multi-sample analysis platforms in bio-medical equipment such as micro-array scanners and surface plasmon resonance equipment.

Whether scanning bioassays, detecting biochemicals, imaging tissue or monitoring protein-protein applications for drug discovery, DiCon provides solutions for both single-mode and multi-mode applications spanning various wavelength ranges from green (532nm), red (632nm), NIR (700nm – 1000nm) and IR (1300nm – 1650nm).

The Optical Switch and VOA product families support specialty fibers from 3.5 µm core through 400 µm core fiber and Polarization-Maintaining fiber allowing a wide variety of both single mode and multi-mode biophotonic applications including in-vivo tissue imaging applications.